Thursday, December 25, 2008

Scooter Gang
in Homer

I met some friends from work in Homer this summer to go Halibut fishing. While out and about we saw this scooter gang from Wasilla.

They brought them down in the back of a truck and were enjoying the weekend even though it was raining pretty good. Just look at the smiles on their faces! Thats how you can tell if you have a happy scooter rider, by all the bugs in their teeth.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Bike!

The newest addition to my stable
2001 BMW R1150GS

First off I need to say that I stole these pictures of the Previous Owner's (xdbx) SmugMug.

Ever since this years Dawson City ride I've been considering a larger bike that is more road oriented for the longer trips. I also wanted something that could comfortably carry a passenger.

I considered several different makes and models but it always came down to a BMW GS. So when I saw this one for sale in the ADVrider FleaMarket it was hard to pass up.

Currently its stored away in a heated garage of undisclosed location in Michigan. I've got a couple options but most likely I'll fly down in the spring and ride it back to Alaska.

Should be a fun trip :D

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Whittier Tunnel (From the Inside)

Whittier Tunnel
Sometime last winter when Mitch and Joe came to visit.

My friend from college, Miner Joe, was in Juneau at a mine his company owned doing some training. It just happens that My buddy Miner Mitch works at that mine and had a companion fare for Alaskan Airlines.

When the weekend came around they flew up to Anchorage for a visit. We had a great time.
I couldn't let my two favorite Miners come to Anchorage with out showing them the Whittier Tunnel.

This picture is while we were driving towards Whittier.