Monday, November 10, 2008

Belarde's Pump Truck

Its a bird, Its a plane, No Its a Concrete Pump Truck!

This was taken on my job down in Kodiak. You can see the forms for new retaining walls at the Teen Center there, and a big blue boom reaching down from the sky.

That big arm is a Concrete Pump Truck. You back the Redi-Mix (Cement) truck to the Pump Truck, dump the concrete in the hopper, and the concrete gets pumped through that long arm and out the hose at the end. Its pretty convenient for jobs like this, things way off the ground like floors of a building, or places you don't want to drive the big trucks.

Three truck loads of concrete later the tops were finished and insulation was draped over the walls to keep them from freezing overnight.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halibut Etouffee on a Cold Fairbanks Night

Last weekend I went to Fairbanks to visit Aimee. In case you haven't looked at the weather for Fairbanks its been cold up there! And its only going to get colder.

To combat some of that cold we made Etouffee with an Alaskan twist. Instead of using shrimp or crawdads, we used some of the Halibut Aimee caught when she came to visit in Kodiak.