Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Looking out my office window
Longing for the open road

While I had a mostly good 6.5 weeks in Kodiak its very nice to be back home. Too bad the weather this summer wasn't as clear as it was today. I can't remember how many times the mountains actually came out to be looked at.

Don't let the lack of snow and clear skies fool you, its pretty crisp out there. I never did check the temperature today but you definitely didn't want to go outside without a coat.

I've decided its too cold to ride anymore. I fell bad asking the KLR to start in the cold like this and it takes forever for it to warm up. Besides, it doesn't get above freezing and ice is a problem when you rely on friction to keep yourself upright.

Its good that winter is here. We cram a lot into the summers because we know how short they are and its time to rest up. We've only got 7 months until it starts all over again.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bamboo Room, Haines AK

When I was working in Juneau we spent about six weeks in Haines surveying the road out of town. We would always eat at the Bamboo Room for breakfast.

The reason they call it the Bamboo Room is because there is a bar and the dining room in the same building. Back in the day they were separated by a bamboo curtain. Its the local hangout for old guys who drink coffee in the morning.

One morning I over heard the oldest one talking about Timothy Treadwell, the guy famous for being eaten by a bear. He said "I met that Treadwell guy once. I said your an F'n idiot! One of these days you're going to get eaten by those damn bears! And look what happened."

I had to stop on my way through after Dawson for old times sake. It turned out that my friend Bar Tender Judy was working that day. Since there was a big bike race in town that weekend I gave up my seat in the dinning room for some kids that were under 21 and ate in the bar. The pancakes were still as good as I remember